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is how long it usually takes us to find and place candidates.

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Know someone? We want to hear. We give a generous £500 for every referral

We get the best value


of our candidates and clients are happy with the salary we brokered.


Shearwater Recruitment

About Shearwater Recruitment:

Your Trusted Recruitment Partner

Shearwater Recruitment, an esteemed agency founded in the Isle of Man, is your gateway to career success. With a profound understanding of the local job market, we excel in connecting talent with career opportunities in banking, TCSP, insurance, and funds across the Isle of Man, Jersey, Guernsey, and beyond.


Our proven expertise, industry insights, and personalised service make us the preferred choice for job seekers and organisations. Whether you're navigating banking careers, TCSP opportunities, insurance ventures, fund roles, or professional services and audit, Shearwater Recruitment is committed to elevating your career path and ensuring lasting professional partnerships.


Connect with us today and unlock a world of opportunities.

Isle of Man Recruitment agency jobs
Isle of Man Recruitment agency jobs
Isle of Man Recruitment agency jobs
Isle of Man Recruitment agency jobs

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Isle of Man Recruitment Agency
Isle of Man Recruitment agency jobs
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